No winter survives spring



Quiet Sunday morning. Spring is coming out from underneath the layers of frozen mud and snow, I feel the joy already… My steps are making an edgy noise breaking the silence, like an old flooring which needs replacing…Perhaps most people look through the window right now, grateful is Sunday and could stay indoors today, wondering if Monday is landing more treacherous winds and biting colds.
Back indoors I am reading Roger Cheetham’ s book and start writing the foreword for it, which in many ways is like making the first baby step forward your heart.

I want to prepare you for what is in for you once you start reading and connect you with the Author’s core message. My few paragraphs have to tell you what is possible when reading this book but I find “The Life You Deserve- Surviving trauma through Empathy and Inner Peace” to be more than just a book. 



For the very first time since I start reading books before they are published and have the privilege to write a foreword for the author, I feel it is important to use words in a certain way, as this book is not just another 220 pages somebody wrote to be published about them, and free themselves from what was holding them back, or realise who they could really become once they publish a book… “The Life You Deserve” makes your acquaintance with the ten most amazing people who are sharing their story in this book, who are the very fabric of empathy and Inner Peace…

I finish reading Roger’s book knowing that no winter can survive Spring

Come along, meet Roger Cheetham and the ten extraordinary people who shared their true story from the heart
who are joining us on the red carpet


Watch The Life You Deserve Show with Roger on BYP TV who interviews his first guest on set, Gayle Edwards

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