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What happens when you say No!

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In this article

Known as the Joyful Goddess, Moni Rodriguez is a #1 International Best-Selling Author, speaker, and coach. She helps professional women who are burnt out to live with greater peace, passion and joy.

After fifteen years of working in a corporate environment, Moni has observed that a more compassionate and heart-centered leadership is required, to bring back balance, equality and consciousness. Moni Rodriguez is passionate about vanishing burnout from the corporate culture, and she is helping and inspiring women around the world transform their lives and become leaders. Moni is passionate about raising awareness of increasing the presence of feminine values in the world.

Not long ago, Moni Rodriguez was working in a corporate environment. She was always rushing, her energy dwindling as the day went on, leaving her depleted towards the end of the day. She woke up each morning in autopilot mode and, started another day. She didn’t even think about the fact that she wasn’t living her life to the full. Being in a permanent state of stress, forever worrying and overthinking, made her constantly self-doubting and always seeking approval. Deep inside, she was not feeling good enough.

Until one day…Her body was not able to cope with it any longer and experienced an anxiety attack while on an airplane.

‘I remember how terrible it felt. I had been accumulating stress and was exhausted as a result of working long hours without having taken a proper break. Adding more to that dangerous mix was the fact that I was making poor food choices, running on caffeine and living a sedentary lifestyle. Looking back now, I am not sure how I even lasted so long before my body decided to send me this clear message. That was the wake-up call that I needed. From that moment, I decided to get my life back’

Where do you find the joy of living? 

‘Sometimes we are not aware of the real reasons for making our everyday decisions and choices. We live in a system that tells you that the way to a fulfilled and productive life is to acquire more possessions, climb the corporate ladder and that working hard producing all the time is the only way to proof your worth and live a happy life. But is that the truth?


Having spent over fifteen years of my life in corporate within the IT industry, I have witnessed that most of the people don’t even question why are they doing what they are doing. They wake up every single morning in autopilot mode, go to work, go back home and tomorrow they will do the same exact thing.

I have seen people who genuinely love their job and you can feel it because they live full of joy and passion on a daily basis, but I have also witnessed people feeling miserable, stressed out and suffering in silence not expressing what is going on inside. They don’t communicate what they want, their real desires just to appeal to others and follow what everyone else is doing.

Deep inside, their relationships and life are not feeling satisfying, and as a result, they make poor food choices and have very negative self-talk. Every single morning and they wake up unmotivated and tired of their everyday life.  They are slowly dying from the inside and in most of the cases, they are not even aware of it.

I was one of them until I found the key to my freedom. I needed to learn it the hard way experiencing stress and overwhelm to the point of reaching burnout. Until one day I decided to listen to my voice and needs first to understand what made me feel full of joy and passion.

You might wonder: What changed? One single decision. I decided to say no. Yes! That simple yet so many of us don’t say it. I chose to say no to everything that was not serving me any longer. I wanted to create space for the new. I took my power back. Change sounds scary but is the only way to get where we want to go.

What happens when you say ‘NO’

‘I decided to say no to overworking, to trying to please everyone and I started to set stronger boundaries. This happened as a result of me experiencing an anxiety attack on an airplane after working long hours on a client site and that experience made me realise that “There must be more to life than this”.

From that moment I went on a quest for self-development and self-discovering and now few years after my life has completely transformed. Now I work as a writer, speaker and women’s leadership coach to help other people to find greater peace, passion, and joy. If you are wondering, how you can start your journey to recover your freedom, these are some practical steps to get you started towards the path of ultimate joy.


Spend time in silence with yourself. Whether is at the airport while you are waiting to get the next flight or at home surrounded by other people, make a must to take 15 min for yourself every single day just to be in silence. No mobile, no people around, only your voice. Reflect on the following questions below in your silence time.

‘What would I honestly do if money was no object?’

‘What does my heart crave but I am too scared to allow myself even to feel it?’

‘What do I need to do next to get me closer to my real vision of joyful, free life?’


As important as it is to be in silence, spending time with people that lift us on a daily basis is very important. Ask yourself the following

‘Do I have a supportive environment around?’

‘What is the sort of people that I would like to interact more with?’

‘What is the next step to create more meaningful connections?’


Get grounded. Go to nature. Do some physical activity that connects you to your body. Find a way to get some rest that nurtures you and makes you feel relaxed and with a positive mindset.

Finding our way back to what truly matters is a lifelong journey. Most of the people feel that they are “too busy” to prioritise themselves. Months, years pass by and sometimes they get too old to realise that they wasted their life living someone else dreams. I hope this article has inspired you to take back your inner power and connect with the possibility of saying no to what does not serve you any longer and saying yes to a life full of joy and passion.










Founder Dr Nani is the Founder of Sovereign Magazine. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Sovereign’s sister publication, Rich Woman Magazine. Passionately advocating for Social Edification, Dr Marina Nani is coining a new industry, MAKE THE NEWS ( MTN) with the aim to diagnose and close the achievement gap globally. Founder of RICH WOMAN SOCIETY™ Marina believes that there is a genius ( Stardust) in each individual, regardless past and present circumstances; “not recognising the talent in each individual, leaves our society at loss. Sharing the good news makes a significant difference on your perception about yourself, your industry and your community.”

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