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Neurobics Keep your Brain Alive

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In this article

Creator of “The Entrepreneur Circle”, Layla Edward, known as “Master of Joy” integrates her love for nature and her freedom of movement in all her activities. From very early age, Layla has always loved the unknown and her adventurous, joyous spirit, gave her an unfair advantage to overcome impossible situations and turn challenges into opportunities.  Born in Iraq, raised in Lebanon, highly educated in U.S.A. Layla is sharing her time between Venezuela and Cyprus.

Through her work Layla supports expand human potential, creating conditions for her clients and students to develop their consciousness. Layla is a woman of many talents and without mentioning her success in the media, she is a breathwork-coach international trainer, psychotherapist, birth facilitator, who doesn’t shy away from the masters of traditional Chinese medicine. Being a Specialist in neurobics and thoughts transforming, doesn’t stop her from being a vibrant, gracious dancer… All heart, she is sharing with us her advice on keeping your Brain alive


“The past is the foundation, as memory is selective, learn how to chose the ones that makes you stronger, happier and thankful.  Remember that the past is already gone, memories are transformed, your task today is to focus in what inspires you the most and allows you to inhale fully, it is not always easy but it is always possible.”

Practical experience has shown Layla that by integrating the past and living in the present moment an internal state of peace and self-satisfaction can be reached, which is fundamental in recuperating the capacity of joy!



Neuroscience investigations have discovered that with a singular program of brain exercises we could help stimulates the production of nutrients which increases brain cells, those exercises are called: NEUROBICS.


The creator of the Neurobics are Lawrence C. Katz, Ph.D Manning Rubbin.  Lawrence C. Katz is a Neurobiology professor at the University of Duke.  His investigations are focused on the Neurotrophins and their effects on the nerve cells growth. Manning Rubbin, the writer, has spent most of his career writing for the publicity and communications field.

Neurobics exercises seem very simple… but they shake daily routine and leave as a result a mind capable to achieve any challenge, like learning a new language, new computer program or stay creative at work, or after we retire, they help prevent memory loss and increases mental gymnastics, it´s achieved using the 5 senses in unexpected ways and the exercises are much fun, they can be done anywhere at any time, either alone or accompanied.

Some exercises are: growing a little garden and taking care of it, getting together with friends and cooking dishes of other cultures and different flavors, having another perfume beside the one you use daily and change once a month, your brain will appreciate trough your nose, listen to a different kinds of music, there are many others, feel free to call or write if you´d like to have some more.

Check your life, how often you go to the same market, or take the same road to go to work or to go visit a friend, same shops? how is the communication with your family, relatives, and friends?

Check also for how long you have been doing the same routine each morning.   I´m asking because it´s important to know that the brain is hungry for novelty… novelty… and activity to stimulates the production of brains Natural Nutrients… as an answer to novelty, the activity of the Cerebral cortex increases.

Understanding the Cerebral Cortex is the seat of the highest learning in the brain since it involves a great number of different areas, each one specialized in receiving, interpreting and storing information from the senses.  What is experienced through the five senses does not end in one place in the brain.

The brain is richly endowed with specific molecules – THE NEUROTROPHINS – which are produced and secreted by nerve cells to act as nutrients for the brain that promote both, the health of these nerve cells as that of the neighbor one and the synapses between them,

To achieve the production of NEUROTROPHINS we need more brain activity, which is not only listening to more music or watch more TV, even if it does stimulate the brain… This passive stimulation of the senses it´s not considered to be a brain exercise and less yet when we repeat this activity and becomes a routine… because Neurobics are not passive or routinely.

Compromise your attention: it means that the brain has to be alert, the activity need to be unusual, fun, suppressive and involving your emotions or that it´ll have a special meaning to you, for example: *flip the picture you have on your desk, Take your daughter or son, spouse, friend or one of your parent to your office for the day. Break the routine activities in an unexpected way, but not trivial… (Novelty by itself is not a Neurobic)

To practice NEUROBICS causes the brain to be more agile and flexible in general and so be able and ready for any challenge, could be improving your memory, or perform some task, or creativity. And this is because Neurobics uses an approach based on how to work the brain instead of simply knowing how the brain works.

The interesting about Neurobics is that there are exercises to be practiced in different areas, for example, to start and end the day, on the road, in the car, in the office, at mealtime and also when you´re resting.

Practicing Neurobics, some people may prevent Alzheimer, …”The idea  that Alzheimer’s is entirely genetic and unpreventable is perhaps the  Greatest misconception about the disease,” says Gary Small, M.D., director of The UCLA Center on Aging, Researchers now know that Alzheimer’s, like heart Disease and cancer,  develops over decades and can be influenced by lifestyle Factors including cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, depression, education, Nutrition, sleep and mental, physical and social activity, tells us… “The big news: Mountains of research reveals that simple things you do every day might cut your odds of losing your mind to Alzheimer’s”.

Here are some surprising strategies:

Google- Online Research

Doing an online search can stimulate your aging brain, says UCLA’s Gary Small, who used brain MRIs to prove it. The biggest surprise: Novice Internet surfers, ages 55 to 78, activated key memory and learning centers in the brain after only a week of Web surfing for an hour a day.

Growing new brain cells 

Impossible, scientists used to say. Now it’s believed that thousands of brain cells are born daily. The trick is to keep the newborns alive. What works: aerobic exercise, walk every day minimum 30 minutes, mental l activity, eating fish and natural/organic food, avoiding obesity, chronic stress, sleep deprivation, heavy alcohol drinking and vitamin B deficiency.


Brain scans show that people who meditate regularly have less cognitive decline and brain shrinkage – a classic sign of Alzheimer’s – as they age. Andrew Newberg of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine says meditation of 12 minutes a day for two months improved blood flow and cognitive functioning in seniors with memory problems.

Filling your brain

It’s called “cognitive reserve.” A rich accumulation of pleasant life experiences – education, marriage, socializing, a stimulating job, language skills, having a purpose in life, physical activity and mentally demanding leisure activities – makes your brain better able to tolerate plaques and tangles. You can even have significant Alzheimer’s pathology and no symptoms of dementia if you have a high cognitive reserve, says David Bennett, M.D., of Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center’

Layla Edward    


Founder Dr Nani is the Founder of Sovereign Magazine. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Sovereign’s sister publication, Rich Woman Magazine. Passionately advocating for Social Edification, Dr Marina Nani is coining a new industry, MAKE THE NEWS ( MTN) with the aim to diagnose and close the achievement gap globally. Founder of RICH WOMAN SOCIETY™ Marina believes that there is a genius ( Stardust) in each individual, regardless past and present circumstances; “not recognising the talent in each individual, leaves our society at loss. Sharing the good news makes a significant difference on your perception about yourself, your industry and your community.”

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