Danielle Ebongue Akwa

What ever you do, do it with patience, faith , passion & love!

— My Motto

About me


I’m Danielle Ebongue Akwa. Originally from Cameroon, I descend from royal ancestors and pay tribute to my lineage through my designs and brand identity.
Dea Akwa also aims to promote fabrics from the different tribes of Cameroon as well as other African.
I design my bags, then after choosing the fabrics , I go and work with a team of well selected Cameroonian artisans.

My brand is above all, clutches and bags. They are classy and colourful. We try to incorporate modern fashion with an African twist for fashion lovers.

We use wax ,traditional fabrics, straw , leather , faux leather and other materials to make my designs look unique.
I created Dea Akwa in May 2018 and I’m proud to say that all my products are handmade.

Products :

What ever you do, do it with patience, faith , passion & love!
  • -Hand bags
  • -Clutches
  • -Pouches
  • -Earrings
  • -Bangles


Ways to connect:

Website: http://www.deaakwa.com


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DEA-Akwa-245596492669889/

Instagram: @dea.akwa

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