Day 30 March 2019

How the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry have transformed research and saved lives

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 has been awarded to three researchers for their work on “harnessing the power of evolution” to create compounds that are of benefit to humanity. One half of the nine million Swedish kronor (£770,686) prize will go to the American Frances Arnold from the California Institute of Technology, US. The other half will go jointly to the American George Smith from the University of Missouri, US, and the Brit Gregory Winter from the MRC lab in Cambridge, UK.

English Brexfast

European exasperation within the chaos at Brexit talks descended into profanity and name-calling, as Germany’s deputy foreign minister said the U.K. government is composed largely of clueless boarding-school graduates. “Brexit is a significant shitshow, I state that today quite undiplomatically,”…