3 Productivity Hacks to Supercharge Remote Working

Remote working has become the most popular working method this year, whether we wanted it to or not. Nearly half of all Britons have reported working at home at some point during the week of June 14th, with that number expected to hold steady as any employers express their reluctance to open their businesses back up.

Seeing as working from home is most likely here to stay for some time, it makes sense that many newly-christened remote workers are looking for ways to transition as smoothly as possible. The prospect of working from home is exciting in itself, after all. No more fretting over payroll or which double sided tape suppliers are best; it’s just you and your laptop. But let’s face it: the freedom working from home gives a lack of self-discipline can quickly overshadow you. Fortunately, today we’re here to offer some of our favourite suggestions for making your remote workday a little more manageable.

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Productivity Hack #1: Designate a working space

There’s nothing like rolling over in bed and grabbing your laptop to work, right? We bet that few people would say yes to this. Although some remote workers have the rare ability quite literally to work from anywhere and not do their heads in, most prefer to stick to a single spot. Not only will choosing a designated working spot in your home restore some order and structure to your naturally unstructured working environment, but it may also have some significant psychological effects. One of these effects is being able to transition from relaxation to work mode more easily. If you make it a habit to work from the same space consistently, eventually your brain will catch up with you.

Productivity Hack #2: Get dressed

Perhaps this piece of advice sounds a little strange, but hear us out; you wouldn’t go to the office in your pyjamas, right? So why would you merely because you’re now working from home? If you want to get into work mode, you have to dress for it, too. This trick is another psychological hack that will convince your brain it’s time to go to work. Plus, there’s something about getting dressed for the day that adds a much-needed sense of structure. As a remote worker, it’ll be solely on you to provide yourself with this invaluable sense of structure.

Productivity Hack #3: Silent mode

Have you ever heard of flow state? It’s when your brain enters a state of unadulterated focus where you can accomplish ‘deep work,’ or open one of the highest states of cognitive function. However, one of the biggest wrenches you can throw into this flow state is checking your phone frequently. Not only will the phone itself serve as a distraction, but you’ll be much less likely to get your work done on time if you’re continually eating up minutes spent on your phone. Do both yourself and your productivity a favour by hitting the Do Not Disturb button during working hours; your self-discipline will grow stronger because of it.


Even if you’re not the most naturally self-disciplined person in the world, there’s still hope for you as a successful remote worker. However, remember that it’ll be on you to provide yourself with the structure and boundaries that a typical office environment imposes. Best of luck and happy remote working!

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