Getting Back On Track With Finances During A Pandemic

The pandemic has hit so much of the country, it seemed to have come out of nowhere and resulted in people being made redundant, having fewer hours, and simply just needing to tighten the belt. Making your money go further and budgeting is now a big part of life while people are trying to get back on track. There are a few ways you help boost yourself into better financial security.

One of the things that affected people at first was stocking up and buying a lot of food, most of which went to waste. We waste millions of tonnes of food in the country and it not only wastes the food but also wastes our money. We are buying food to put away, forget about then just throw away. It makes no sense. Meal planning is certainly one of the ways forward, you can plan your meals and factor in what you have in the house, and then sticking to your shopping list when you go out. You will save a lot of money without even realising, as well as eating healthier and getting less take out. 

During the winter our heating and electricity bills tend to rise but also after our introductory offers of joining a utility company we revert back to the standard rate. This normally is a lot higher than other deals that the company offers. If you are able to take some time every couple of months and review where your bills are and what kind of plans and tariffs you are on. You may be surprised at how much you can actually save simply by switching plans. 

This can also be incorporated into your phone bill. If you are signed up for a high data plan which, let’s face it, we certainly aren’t using at the moment while we are at home a lot more than you may be able to reduce the bill down with a lower data allowance. If you speak to your phone provider they can normally tell you how much you are using on average and how much you currently pay for. 

If we are working on reduced hours we may find ourselves currently working paycheck to paycheck. If any unexpected costs come up like plumbing issues or a car breaking down we may struggle to get through it. In these instances, you can always look at things like payday lenders. It is a quick way to solve your unexpected bills and costs where you can find out in minutes if it’s a possibility. 


Another way a lot of the country is making it through is setting up a side hustle. With a lot more free time at home, they are opting for setting up their own side business. It could be making and selling candles or luxury treats, social media management or even optimising their following on social media platforms and doing sponsored and paid posts. The world is your oyster and you can turn your passions and hobbies into an income. 

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