Tired Of Working From Home? How To Slowly Reopen Your Office

Offices around the country are making significant changes to their offices to make way for reopening, collaborating with other businesses and the government to understand the best practices needed when returning the office. 

As working hours are staggered to reduce the number of employees in the office at any point in time, and many more rules still in place to protect us during the pandemic, how can you safely reopen your office? 

Office Furniture

Hot desking will be a thing of the past, and employees will need to be kept 6 feet apart at all times. With this in mind, many businesses are changing their office furniture to make things change easier. In an effort to keep the costs down when making changes to the layout of the offices, companies are utilising businesses such as Recycled Business Furniture, that sell quality second hand office furniture

Hygiene points and hand sanitisers have become a must in the office’s post covid, with employers adding protective screens to break up what was once an open plan design. Keeping stylish designs at the same time as protecting staff is an integral part of preparing to reopen. Businesses still want to wow clients when they visit without putting anyone at risk.

What to Expect When Reopening

Reopening your offices is not as simple as switching on the lights. Even with the new layouts ready and waiting for your employees, there’s still more planning before you can throw open the doors. 


The pandemic is still a risk, and health concerns need to be taken into consideration as you invite your employees back. Anyone willing to continue working from home is a bonus as you will have to implement newly staggered working hours for your employees to reduce the number of people in the office at once.

Staggering the working hours is not the only change. IT will need time to set up the equipment on the desks and begin onboarding everyone back onto the desktops and servers in the office. This is an arduous task at the best of times, and larger companies will need to account for the IT teams needing more time to get this done.

Covid guidelines and hygiene rules will be the norm in offices for the foreseeable future. Ensuring these are followed will be the responsibility of every business to keep employees safe.

Prepare Now for a Brighter Future

It will be a slow start as businesses reopen to employees and customers. Still, it is predicted that the innovative solutions brought on by covid will have change companies for the better. Leaving businesses heading towards a brighter future in a stronger position to combat and unforeseen problems that may arise.

Having plans in place to reopen and return to business as normally as possible will offer both management and employees a renewed peace of mind. After everything the world has been through over the last year, regaining as much normality and stability as possible may be more coveted than being able to go to the cinema with friends again.

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