5 People You Need To Free Up Valuable Time To Spend On Your Business

When you run your own business, one of your most precious resources is time. Yet, it can often feel as if time is the one thing you do not have enough of, something that can, in turn, lead you to neglect the most mission-critical tasks and the things for which you are best qualified. The good news is there are ways to gain back this time, the most effective of which is to work with the following 5 people to make sure everything in your business gets done to the highest standard, without having to directly deal with it yourself. Read on to find out who these people are. 

In house

An assistant

First of all, if you want to free up your time, and use it in the most efficient way possible, investing in a great assistant is critical. This is because an assistant will perform organisational and time management tasks for you, leaving you to focus on what really matters. 

Indeed, the tasks that your assistant can do are many and varied and include everything from setting meetings, and booking travel tickets, to opening and prioritizing your emails. An assistant can also help you manage other people’s access to your precious time. Indeed, by running meeting bookings through them, you can protect your time from drops in. All of this means you only need to focus on the most important issues and tasks, and so can dedicate yourself to growing your business. 

An HR specialist 

Another hugely valuable person to employ within your business is someone that specialises in Human Resources (HR). This is because they can take the incredibly time-consuming tasks of recruitment, retention, and staff evaluation from you. 

Additionally, having an HR specialist in-house can be particularly useful for ensuring that any employee issues are dealt with most efficiently and correctly. This is great news for two reasons, the first is that effectively dealing with these issues as they arise means managing your team should be easier and take up less of your time. Additionally, by making sure that the right procedures have been followed you will be protecting your company for legal recourse, and all the effort you will need to put into fighting it, further down the line. 



A business lawyer 

Of course, not all the people that can help you reclaim your time need to work directly in your business. Indeed, it is now possible to partner without many different kinds of outsourcers to make sure your company has access to the experts it needs to thrive, and so that you don’t end up having to be a ‘jack of all trades.’

The first outsourcers that you should consider working with is a business lawyer. In fact, not only can trying to trudge your way through the legalese of contracts be time-consuming, but it can put your business at risk if you get anything wrong too. With that in mind, establishing a good relationship with a lawyer that specialised in your field is always a smart move. 

An IT support specialist 

An IT support specialist is another professional that you should seriously consider adding to your outsourcer team. After all, most businesses use IT significantly within their business these days, both internally and to interact with their customers. This means that any problems can quickly cause havoc, slowing productively, and annoying the very customers you have spent a great deal of time and money to impress. 

Fortunately, by finding some great IT support professionals, all of these issues will be simply and effectively taken off of your plate, and sorted before they even become a major problem. Thereby leaving you to do what you do best, lead your business. 

A marketing specialist 

Last of all, if you want to reclaim your time as a business leader, working with a marketing specialist is essential. This is because many people have a basic understanding of how marketing works, and can even create content for various platforms like social media. However, just because they can do this, doesn’t mean that it’s the best use of their time. Indeed, what many of us don’t realise is that marketing is so much more complicated, nuanced, and ever-changing than we think and this means only a professional can really get the best results and the best ROI on our spending here. 

With that in mind, using a marketing professional that understands and can create an overarching strategy will not only free up your time but get you the very best results as well. 

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