The latest 2022 food trends you will want to serve your guests

When it comes to what you’re going to serve guests on their special occasions, your business should make sure it’s on theme even within your menu. Incorporate seasonal flavours and ingredients into the dishes you offer your clients. Seasonal flavours and foods evoke the feeling of the holiday, so tying in classic holidays into your menu adds to your overall enjoyment of your guests’ experience. Consider using seasonal flavours and ingredients throughout your menu.

You can create a meal inspired by a specific seasonal ingredient for the main course. For example, whether you’ll be serving drinks or appetizers, you can easily incorporate seasonal flavours such as pumpkin, apples and cranberries into your menu. For instance, if you plan to serve a salad made with fresh fruit, consider adding fresh berries to the dressing. Or, if you plan to use a dish made with a particular type of fish, include some salmon or halibut in your menu.

Game meats that are currently in season for your menu

With a wide variety of game meats becoming more and more popular among dinner hosts and home cooks alike, it is a great time to get on board with the latest food trends. What is game meat? Game meat is meat that comes from a non-domesticated animal. These animals can include rabbits, deer, and quail, but this list doesn’t include beef, pork, or poultry. Game meats are typically used in European, South American, and Asian cuisine. Game meats are also naturally leaner than other meats (beef and pork), and they can be healthier than other meats. Many game types of meat are also less expensive than other meats. Game meats are also typically high in protein, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.

You will have to plan carefully to add fresh game meat to your menu. Generally, game meat is in season from October through to February, except grouse, which runs from August to December. There are London catering meat suppliers, however, who offer frozen game meat all year round and fresh game when it’s in season, so you are never without your favourite game. 

Refreshing your menu to wow your guests this year

Potato milk, anyone? We survived the virus by eating lots of feta pasta, having a smoothie, making a tortilla hack, and eating leftover salmon. But let’s not forget about nature’s cereal moment! A celebrity showed us how to make a blended smoothie, and we can’t forget the TikTok sensation, Emily Mariko, who showed us how leftover salmon, rice and an ice cube makes an incredible lunch. Fast food chains partnered with celebrities to give us our favourite meals. We learned that Megan the Stallion loves the Big Mac, and Nelly loves the BK Whopper, while Saweetie loves McDonald’s’ classic sandwich. People cook their eggs in pesto and chilli oil and use the air fryer to make delicious treats.


No matter what you choose to serve your guests this year, make sure you are wowing them with plenty of choices, that you are catering for all diet types, including halal, celiac and gluten-free and that every dish you serve is full of flavour and colour. Have fun creating your new 2022 menu that incorporates all the excellent food we have found over the last two difficult years. 

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