3 Important Reasons Why Social Media Optimization Can Save You Marketing Costs

Did you know that, on average, UK businesses spend 62% of their budgets on digital advertising, making the UK the largest digital advertising market in Europe and the third in the world? 

Yet, digital advertising can be highly effective in targeting your audience group and even narrowing down specific geographic locations, unique interests, or even relevant demographics. However, over one-third of Britons aged between 18 and 24 use an ad blocker. An ever-growing number of web users choose to ignore ads online to focus on content. As a result, 86% of UK businesses use content marketing to attract and interact with their audience. 

The real key to digital marketing success is SEO. Indeed, search engine optimisation can bridge the gap between digital ad and content marketing investments and maximise your ROI. Statista reports show that the return of investment for digital marketing in the UK is 12:1. If you are not yet seeing positive results from your advertising campaigns or your content publication activities, it may be time to put SEO back on your plan. 

Did you know that, on average, UK businesses spend 62% of their budgets on digital advertising, making the UK the largest digital advertising market in Europe and the third in the world? 

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SEO is cost-effective

The majority of digital visits start on a search engine page. Therefore, it makes sense to design and build a website that can rank among the top positions for relevant search terms. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to bring visitors to your website. 


In terms of digital marketing, there is a lot more going on. Indeed, your website hosts your content. Therefore, producing and publishing exciting and informative content pieces is only effective if search engines can index new pages effectively. When content marketing targets new trends to attract a new audience group, your rankability is crucial to the success of the strategy. 

On-page SEO factors also affect ad displays for paid search marketing, as they can influence ad placement and bid value. (more on this below)

SEO can improve your PPC results on a budget

Working with Google ads professionals will prevent many mishaps and mistakes when it comes to setting up and managing your campaigns. Indeed, pay-per-click ads function on the premise that the advertiser engages to pay a specific amount as part of an auction bid for a click. The amount is determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • Your keyword bid, aka how much you are willing to pay per click
  • The quality score of your ads
  • Your competition
  • Ads and campaigns organisation

Unfortunately, when you are working on a shoestring budget, you may not be able to outbid competitors for the best ad placement. That is where SEO factors will make a huge difference:

  • Optimising landing pages
  • Website up-to-date with technical SEO factors
  • Utilise local SEO factors (Google Maps extensions)

SEO maximises visibility for local searches

Google My Business is a free local SEO tool available to companies to mark their address and business information on Google Maps. It can significantly improve your SEO results and support digital marketing success:

  • Outrank national competitors for local searches
  • Improve PPC visibility with extensions
  • Encourage interactions with your business by highlighting phone numbers or opening hours 

In conclusion, if you are struggling to see the expected results from your digital marketing activities, it may be worth focusing on organic improvements to support your other digital campaigns. Effective SEO can make your digital efforts go further, whether it is PPC or content marketing. 

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