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Paola Bonomo- from pattern recognition, to perhaps one day quantum computing, to improve our lives, allow talents to flourish, increase agency for underprivileged people, and build a better world

Paola Bonomo launched her career as an advisor on new markets, alliances and acquisitions. Based on her unique approach to strategic positioning and growth, her extraordinary skills made her a great contender for leadership roles in the digital industry. She…

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Discover the Secret that made the Mother-Daughter Relationship between Martha and Alexandra so beautiful and turned it into a powerful bond with no limits. What gives them the courage and determination to help other Mothers and Daughters around the world?

Transforming Lives: Patricia Ralijemisa

" We provide lunches to 200 children in primary schools. We also donate funds to a center which provides a home, education and a healthy life for more than 120 children who are orphaned, abandoned, mistreated or forced into work. During the Christmas holiday season, we help bring joy to families and children by giving out food, clothes and toys - feeding over 500 people and reaching more than 200 families." Patricia Ralijemisa

Emotionally Attached

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Nancy and Nikoletta were always going to take over the family business. Now they run the business together, and share their story with us in this exclusive interview.

Fabulous at 70: Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée

Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, Elizabeth Ann Warren are names who are hijacking the headlines worldwide. America is leading with women who are as fabulous at 70 and decided to make a unequivocal mark after their 70th birthday: Maxine Waters, 80, the first woman to head the Financial Services Committee, Donna Shalala, 78, Glenn Close was 71 when she won a Golden Globe for best actress in January. And at home we have Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee

Do you waltz?

Your Story is a karmic coin with two facets: your past and your Solution. Your Solution is not only what made you survive your Past and brought you this present moment, which is the gate into the Future, but also the answer to millions of people who are still looking for your Solution.