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Wall to Wall Healing

Laura will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Paint a Smile by aiming to complete 200 projects in 20 countries, in 2020.
Paint a Smile permanently transforms the bleak bareness of medical environments into worlds of colourful therapeutic surroundings. To date, 191 projects are completed in hospitals, retirement homes and specialised institutions throughout 18 countries worldwide.

How the power of persuasion goes way beyond mere advertising

Persuasion has become fundamental to shaping people’s view of what is attractive or unattractive, good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable. In essence, it has changed human interaction itself to the extent that consumption – rather than class, region, geography or occupation – has now become the primary form of self-identity and self-expression.

Why age gives West African women more autonomy and power

Several studies, covering about 58 countries across the world, found that as women get older they are more able to make decisions independently of men. But scholars have struggled to pin down explanations for this age dividend – why are women given more independence the older they get? We wanted to know what the reasons may be.

Open Conversations

‘Open Conversations’, is a platform to enable us to create conversations that would bring about change, empower people, create change and allow voices that are silent to speak up.