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What Business Women Want: Margarita's dream

What Business Women Want: Margarita's dream


By Tineke Rensen


My column in Sovereign Magazine is all about Powerful Business Women.

But how do you become a Powerful Business Woman yourself?

What does it take for a businesswoman in the making to reach success?

In this article I want to introduce you to Margarita, a candidate with high ambitions who wants to become a powerful business woman.

Success means different things for different people. 

What does success mean for Margarita?

Raised in Equatorial Guinea, Margarita comes from a big family of 8 brothers; 4 girls and 4 boys, now grown up responsible adults.

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When she was 24 years old, she decided to learn more about other cultures and she moved to Spain, where she took a course to become a hairdresser.

Her dream was to become the first person in her family to have a degree in English Language from the UK. After 13 years in Spain, she moved to Dublin. The country was in deep recession at the time, and it was very difficult to find a job, to settle down and to make a living. She realized that if she wants her dream to become a reality, she will need to learn English and work at the same time.

The biggest challenge she faced when moving to the UK in 2010, was the language barrier. She could barely speak English, but she was determined to overcome her limitations, and she joined a course to study English at the same time, while being a housekeeper in a local hotel. Once her English improved, she went back working as a professional caregiver.


With over 20 years of experience in this field, once she became fluent in English, she noticed her confidence growing and her work performances improving.

Besides her job, she has always been studying to improve her knowledge and her skills.

At the same time, she realized that her colleagues, even her boss, had a lot less experience and fewer years of working in the caring industry. Margarita considered that the pay gap wasn’t fair and decided to make a positive change.  She refused to work for big companies for minimum wage pay.

The prospect of being treated as an immigrant worker for the rest of her life, appalled her. This is when she decided to start her own business and provide a better service herself, a service which really reflects her values as a dedicated caregiver who loves serving her clients. Margarita has just registered her business in the UK, and she has already tested her determination and commitment to achieve success.

  More than just another job

Making money is never women’s main drive. They are totally aware that money must be made, but there are things in life which are far more important to women: her client’s well-being, her team’ s satisfaction and social recognition.


Margarita is no exception. She believes that her clients, who are disabled people, handicapped people, old people, deserve a good service so they can be happy again. Her goal is not barely to make a living but thrive, serve her clients, contribute to their happiness, even in a small way. ‘These people already have too much to worry about, they have other things to be unhappy about. I want to bring them hope and happiness’ Margarita says.

This is what I love about Margarita, a businesswoman in the making: her willingness to go the extra mile, her desire to be more, to give more.

Gathering her courage, she has started her own business, Paloma Home Care. Her choice of name is reflecting the symbol of peace and freedom. ‘The dove delivers good news’ Margarita says.

Right now, Margarita focuses on her business acumen, and enrolling private clients, who are willing to pay for high quality services. Once she enrolls enough clients, she can create more jobs and employ other women who love what they do, who understand that they work to help another human being, not just to receive a pay check at the end of the week.

What a brave thing to do! At present she needs to overcome her lack of business experience, shortage of capital, rejection, solitude, alienation, and the list of challenges goes on and on. Feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place is common to any start- up business owner, regardless the industry.

If like myself, you did not come from an entrepreneurial background, you had to find out everything through trial and error. It is not easy to be an entrepreneur, but everything is possible. I know exactly what this means and how does it feel to start a business by yourself.

‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’ Margarita says and I agree. She is well aware that success is not coming overnight, but she is fiercely working on it, while building up her confidence to be better, to be more. Success is her birthright.

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