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How to activate your powers within

with Zineb Nassrou, Creator of the Heart Mastery Revolution

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by Tineke Rensen

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Zineb was born and raised in Morocco in a completely different culture where women are not expected to have a voice. She realised that her mother, who would spend many hours in the kitchen each day, had to go back to the kitchen doing more chores. Her mother gave a lot of devotion to making a good meal, but nobody would have the courtesy to wait until she sat at the table before eating. Zineb found it disrespectful, but they told her that is the local custom.

She had since moved to Paris and fully embraced the difference Western culture affords women and the lifestyle, they choose to pursue. She found a job, she had a nice home, she drove an expensive car and she made plenty of money.  Still however, she couldn’t escape the nagging feeling in the back of her mind, she simply was not happy. Although she had everything, everything she thought she ever wanted, Zineb felt a void in her life which was deepening each day. She felt as if she was living someone else life and she did not understand who she was and what she truly wanted. 

She met many women in the same situation who, just like her, could not admit to themselves or others that they were unhappy, lonely and alienated while doing the things others were expecting them to do, instead of living up to their own expectations.

One day she decided to leave everything behind, and she left for Australia without any plans. Was leaving a secure life behind and quitting her corporate job the right move?

Four years later, she returned to Europe as a different person: happy, knowing who she is and what she wants, understanding what her life mission is living with purpose. 

Zineb understands how difficult it is for women to succeed in the boardroom. Now she is helping women executives, who feel unfulfilled and unhappy in the path they chose. She loves to support them and offer them the guidance they need to take control of their own destiny and live their true potential. 

Being a woman in business is a lonely journey. Creating your own set of rules to feel happy and fulfilled, takes a different approach to business, be your authentic self. Whether or not the boardroom is ready to accept that women perform better in business when they are accepted for who they truly are is another matter. However, women like Zineb are paving the way for a new paradigm in business and the boardroom will no longer have a choice but to adapt to this new way of thinking. 

“Aligning your values, your actions with your beliefs, makes life more joyous; working in a business environment become stress free and brings so much more fulfilment. Every human being resonates with a special vibration and every vibration is different. People who listen to their heart and have their own set of rules have a much higher vibration. When you encounter these people you immediately feel attracted to them, they shine, they are vibrant; self-awareness brings compassion into the workplace” Zinab says. She doesn’t believe in coincidences. Instead she believes that “when you live in complete alignment, the magic happens. And we call it “coincidence” because we cannot explain it in a logical way. It seems like a miracle. But it is just a reflection of a high vibration. High frequency attracts the results you expect”

 Zineb works with women willing to find who they are, women who listen to their heart more often than not and want to make work and business exciting and enjoyable. ‘High vibration is the extra force each one of us have already and is available within to become successful. The definition of success changes when you align with who you are. Suddenly it is not about money anymore or having a great car a well-paid job- it is not about things you could have in the outside world, but a powerful state of being. 

Don’t be mistaken, Zineb is not against luxury, on the contrary, she believes we can have it all. She loves her beautiful clothes, her jewellery and a great car, but now she does not feel that void inside. She created a system that is transferable, so other women could live the life of their dreams. Zineb doesn’t focus on questioning who she is or what she truly wants anymore; she designs her own reality.

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