The story behind success.

A story of adventure and love

A story of adventure and love

Kiki Fuerte author of the book series ‘Never Saw You Coming’ shares with us why she is inspired to create this powerful love story. 

I sit across from Kiki, a beautiful, graceful author with wonderful creative purpose. 

 We begin by talking about her roots and how she was moulded from a young black girl, into the empowered black woman she is today. 


“I was born in the French Caribbean, on the beautiful island of Guadeloupe, and I had the best childhood any child could wish for, because I was surrounded by so much love! 

My life was filled with a lot of strong and kind women and many books, and they both shaped me to become the woman I am today. 

As a teen, I moved to Paris with my immediate family. It was less picturesque; much colder and gloomier. But there I learnt to be resilient, to work hard and excel. I was the only black child in the top class at school. It was a role that I feel proud of. 

My life in Paris blossomed when I went to university, and I discovered romantic love. 

Oh, love, when you catch us young and full of promise! It feels like anything is possible. 

If my young love dreams had come true, I would have been married by twenty with an amazing man and student of politics… but life did not turn out this way. At the time I didn’t know that all these beautiful bittersweet memories would inspire me to develop fictitious worlds with complex characters, in the form of thrilling romantic stories…” 

Kiki’s business is writing books, and it has been her lifelong passion. 

“My dream is to influence the people that read my work, to open them to matters of the heart, and for them to find a character that they can identify with on a deep level. I used to record my dreams and turn them into short stories, but they are extremely intimate and I don’t think I will ever publish them. I want to keep something back for myself. My experiences with love as a teenager and an adult, combined with the experiences of my close friends and family, were a mixture of hopes, dramas and dreams. One day, I was in deep turmoil, and I sat down and wrote my first novel, ‘Never saw you coming’” 

We are both sipping on creamy coffees, and I hold a copy of her book, turning it over in my hands, while she explains to me in detail the essence of her writing. 

“‘Never saw you coming’ is a love story which starts like a fairy tale, but turns out to be very different. It is a story of turbulent romance, filled with a rollercoaster of emotions.

I think many of my female readers will easily be able to identify with the main character Beatrice, and as we follow her journey, we begin to realise that love has many faces, and not all of those faces are smiling at us. 

The message that I want to express is that we have to see the warning signs to protect ourselves. I ask some fundamental questions. How do we learn to let go of a love that hurts? How do we protect ourselves and ensure that we are ready to receive a love that we deserve? 


All these questions demand deep inner growth and soul searching. “Never saw you coming” is a trilogy, and I immerse the reader in a journey of practising self love and finding love in return.

I think women will be able to connect more to my books, but they are for anyone who wants to deepen their awareness of love and go on a magical emotional journey.”

She tells me that her biggest challenge in getting her work out there is finding the time to promote it and write in general, as she is a busy mum and a full time teacher. 

“I have the luxury at times to visit a countryside retreat and focus exclusively on my writing, blissfully leaving the outside world behind for a while” 

When she talks about her role models she tells me of Toni Morrison. 

“A quote from Toni has stuck with me throughout my journey;  “When writing, start with what you must know your past history, to protect your present and create your future”

She has inspired me to write from a position of strength, and she has instilled in me many of my values. 

Inspiration is everywhere, and the world is my open book;  ready to be recorded, ready to be transformed into a powerful beautiful story to deepen our own experience of life and love. 

People’s capacity to bounce back from adversity fascinates me, and I believe a tragic story can be turned into a profound message” 

It is the month of Love, the perfect time to grab your copy of Never Saw You Coming, available on Amazon!

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