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Is your Business a third wheel in your relationship?

I know what it is like to run a thriving business and also exactly what it takes to get there. The personal, emotional and time investment are huge, especially when you are starting up. The toll this can take on a relationship, even a strong one, can be quite immense and overlooked, especially when as ambitious women striving to make a change in the world we have a very direct focus.

What leadership isn't

“Leadership is creating the space to bring forth the greatness in others, for others to be their best. It is tapping into unlimited human potential and turning the potential of others into desired results. Leadership creates a culture that enables people to release their creativity, vision and intelligence” Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée

Certified High Performance Coach, Beacon Organisational Development

Who's up for what?

‘A knowledgeable person will learn from their mistakes, a wise person will learn from the mistakes of others and a foolish person will continue to repeat their mistakes.’ Martin Sharp