Happily paid in Sunsets

‘An adventure with other women gives you a deeper understanding of your own strengths and resourcefulness in the face of self- limiting believes that can easily be dispelled by spending time in the company of other women, just like you’ Catherine Edsell

The Titans of Titanium Gardening Tools

‘We should never underestimate the power of women connecting and supporting each other at work, it is great to use this network to its highest potential. We experience the same obstacles and can learn from each other’s challenges and solution to make the most of opportunities at hand. I believe that having more women in leadership roles will help social progress and prosperity in the future.’ Wilma Peelen, Director of Sneeboer, The Netherlands

Time to watch the Woman and learn

‘Together we are stronger, more creative and better in all dimensions. I believe that it is important for women to support each other. This is what Powerful Business Women Network do! Delance is made by women for women. I am certain that the success of one woman is the success of all women. It is now time for all of us as women to be all what we can be, to help each other, to reach for the sky so we may all become stars and shine bright.’- Giselle Rufer, Delance Watch Designer, Switzerland

Chocolate with Soul

‘We have a love for inspiring and being inspired.  Each of our rose gold tins and luxurious boxes of magic come with an inspirational quote card. We also  share our inspirational quotes on a daily basis on Instagram and Facebook, for our daily contribution of positivity into the world.’ Mani and Ash Hirani, Founders, The Veda Soul Company, UK


‘Having waiting lists of 6 weeks or even longer for a therapy session is inappropriate and therefore I have made it my mission to try and provide quality therapy and mental healthcare in an accessible form. I wanted to bring technology to the forefront of mental health care and therapy.’ Dr Julian Nesbitt, MBChB BSc MRCEM, CEO Dr Julian Medical Group Ltd, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur at NHS England


‘ Reality is totally different from what every business book, every business guru and every known business strategy tells you. Also, it is very much the opposite of what most business women usually do. Women like to be totally prepared and in control!’ Tineke Rensen, The Netherlands

Beyond the Snowy Picks’ Narrative

The most rewarding work has been that with our youth. They face far more obstacles than we did, the world is more competitive, and intolerance is on the rise, but they have proved to be up to the challenge. ’ Jacqueline Onalo FRSA

Luxury Home twist

UK Couple sacked their estate agent and take a novel approach to selling their home

There are a lot of questions you could ask, but at this point you could be wondering why are they in the news?


‘Mentoring and coaching help people to live empowered lives. Empowered people become ambassadors of change when they believe in themselves!’

Living from the heart

‘Since I can remember I loved learning about medicine, science, chemistry, and all the things to do with medicine. There have been many people in my family and in my circle of friends who suffered from a various health challenges. Little I knew that, towards the end of my specialisation as a heart surgeon that I would see my mother fighting for her life. She was my inspiration and the force that guided me through endless long nights of study various medical exams’

Todorche Stamenov, Medical Doctor at Barts Health NHS Trust

Your Health MOT

Despite the obvious boom in interest for health and wellness over the past few years, as official statistics are showing, British people are not checking the status of their health enough. It’s becoming a serious concern; especially given that as a nation overall, our health is on the decline – and in some areas, quite dramatically.