John Vanek

John Vanek- Musician & Songwriter Social Inclusion Bridge Builder Fundraiser Course Author Course Facilitator


What is that every woman must know about herself?

"The greatest source of emotional pain is the negative things you say to yourself " Asmau Ayub


‘Mentoring and coaching help people to live empowered lives. Empowered people become ambassadors of change when they believe in themselves!’

Living from the heart

‘Since I can remember I loved learning about medicine, science, chemistry, and all the things to do with medicine. There have been many people in my family and in my circle of friends who suffered from a various health challenges. Little I knew that, towards the end of my specialisation as a heart surgeon that I would see my mother fighting for her life. She was my inspiration and the force that guided me through endless long nights of study various medical exams’

Todorche Stamenov, Medical Doctor at Barts Health NHS Trust