The Stardust Factor

Life is not about finding yourself or re-inventing yourself, life is about delivering the best version of yourself, your unique gift, the talent you are working on to master it and gift it back into the world.

While globetrotting, writing book after book, I had to unlearn what I knew, make room for what I did not know about myself, learn the power of words while teaching social edification. Discovering new Stardust Souls, connecting with total strangers, including yourself, is bewildering, eye-opening and for me, personally, constitutes the most astonishing Eureka moments of all times.


Time is a constant companion – sometimes helpful,  enjoyable, slippery, a pressure or….? Like all of us I cannot say exactly WHAT it is – we just have to live with it. What I can say and do is give an…

What Successful Leaders Know

“To become a leader, then, you must become yourself; become the maker of your own life.”Warren Bennis Leaders have deep knowledge of who they are and what they believe. Knowing your personality, values, strengths, motives and desires allows you to…

Playing to your strengths

Just after celebrating her 39th Birthday, Donia had to share heart breaking news and the challenge to tell her two children aged 2 years old and 5 years old that she was diagnosed with cancer.

Instead of shutting down her successful career as the founder of the Internationally renowned model agency for children  - Tiny Angels, Donia decides to step up to the challenge and play to her strengths, lead her life with a renewed purpose and inspire other parents to overcome traumatic news and empower them.