Infinite Possibilities Podcast

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About The Show

“What gunpowder did for war, the printing press has done for the mind.” Wendell Phillips
Amidst all of the latest chaotic news, it becomes harder than ever to capitalize on the latest breaking stories and make media work for you.
Showcasing elite leaders , visionary scientists, cultural icons, influencers and everyday heroes
Getting in the news is not easy but the good news is that we share a transferrable formula that will position you at the top of your game, next to HNW & leaders. Let’s Make The News together while building a newsworthy brand for your business.

About The Host

Free from press prejudice, Marina specializes in multi media brand journalism, creating inclusive newsrooms, supporting professional women with brand positioning and compelling narratives. Working with Luxury Influencers, VIP’s, Elite Women’s Clubs, high net worth individuals, luxury brands, corporations, sustainable fashion designers and creatives with the ultimate aim to diagnose and close the gender Gap.  Business Editor and Founder of Sovereign Magazine- Business, Tech, Finance, at present Marina is the Editor in Chief of Rich Woman- The Woman Re-Imagined Group of Publications

Marina created a safe medium for women and men to discover and share their passion, their wisdom, their unique talent and celebrate the divine feminine together, while becoming brand evangelists. If you wonder why some people are more successful than others, how to become visible and attract ideal clients instead of chasing them, you are in the right place! Thank you for listening.