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Powerful Business Women's Network- LONDON LAUNCH 26 November 2018

Powerful Business Women's Network- LONDON LAUNCH 26 November 2018


On the 26th of November 2018, we organize the first event of the Powerful Business Women's Network in London, UK

If you are a serious business woman you might recognize this:

You go to many networking events and you like to network with the men because they operate on your level. You love to network with business women, but somehow most of them seem to be on a different level than you are.

•   They look up to you because you have a substantial business.

•   They work from home, while the odds are that you go to your own office every day.

•   You employ people or at least outsource a lot while most of the women you meet seem to do most things on their own.

•   They often talk about their kids or other private matters.

•   You like helping them and motivate them, but they cannot help you! Because they don’t operate on your level.

•   Maybe you’ve even given up on going to women’s networks.

 If some of these things are true for you then please attend the launch event of our Powerful Business Women’s Network. Here you will meet like-minded women. Women like you!

 This is a network for women who have a 100.000+ turnover, and who love to connect and network with like-minded women. So you can learn from each other and support each other.

We launch the London chapter on the 26th of November in the prestigious Army and Navy club.We also have chapters in The Netherlands and in Switzerland.

If you become a member you get a free membership of the Army Club and you can visit their clubs worldwide, for free! You will also get a 2-page full-color article in Sovereign Magazine, which businesses travelers can read in any air lounge at any airport in the UK.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule time off in your agenda. Come to join our launch, enjoy the company, network, do business and have fun, and we will provide some food for you. We would love to welcome you


Oksana Souter, your London representative of the Network

Tineke Rensen, Founder of the Network.


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