The Doctors paradox: Well-being

’ Doctors are one of the highest risk professional groups for stress. The failing mental health of our medical profession is a significant public health problem and a worldwide epidemic. At least 1 in 4 doctors experience a mental health concern during their careers. The doctor paradox refers to medics who are able to provide care for others, however fail to access or even seek the care they need for themselves when they're unwell.’ Abeyna Jones


 ‘Use More Hashtags!
Using just a single hashtag has shown to increase engagement by 12.6%. The sweet spot according to a recent study appears to be somewhere between 11 and 30. With 30 being the maximum which Instagram allows.

You can also hide your hashtags in the comments so it doesn’t look as spammy. To make them “invisible” simply follow your hashtags with five periods, each one on a line by itself and no space after periods. If you post this in your first comment, your followers will just see […] after your name in the photostream.

Branded hashtags are also incredibly effective in helping you create a community around your Knowledge Commerce business. You can see one of ours at #kajabihero’ Phil Britten