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Transforming Lives: Patricia Ralijemisa

" We provide lunches to 200 children in primary schools. We also donate funds to a center which provides a home, education and a healthy life for more than 120 children who are orphaned, abandoned, mistreated or forced into work. During the Christmas holiday season, we help bring joy to families and children by giving out food, clothes and toys - feeding over 500 people and reaching more than 200 families." Patricia Ralijemisa

Mothers who code

stay at home mums could learn to code
The chances of finding fulfilling employment that allows Stay at Home Mums to balance their career goals and family commitments are slim. What does it take to redefine your professional orientation after giving birth?

Happy Index

Despite clear evidence that wellbeing's subjective measures are dependant on measurement of stress hormones and brain scans, subjective wellbeing to be the most more accurate reflection of how satisfied everyone is with life in general.

The Remarkable You

"To create a promising future for our children, where technology enhances their quality of life instead of diminishing it, we need to teach them strong values and develop their critical thinking and emotional intelligence. " Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, Switzerland

Mothering Sunday

At the Bloomsbury Ephemera Fair today you could see books, ephemera, maps, prints, posters, postcards, photographs but looking for unusual printed items related to Mother’s Day could bring a new perspective on Mother’s day. An old leaflet signed by C…

Time to watch the Woman and learn

‘Together we are stronger, more creative and better in all dimensions. I believe that it is important for women to support each other. This is what Powerful Business Women Network do! Delance is made by women for women. I am certain that the success of one woman is the success of all women. It is now time for all of us as women to be all what we can be, to help each other, to reach for the sky so we may all become stars and shine bright.’- Giselle Rufer, Delance Watch Designer, Switzerland