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The frequency of success – All that glitters: How Shaun Leane built one of the world’s pre-eminent jewellery houses

Shaun Leane: My definition of success is being able to look back at early works, even going back as far as 30 years and still feeling inspired, provoked and excited knowing that the energy I put into my early works is still a force I understand today. This consistency and deep understanding of myself portrayed in my work is the definition of success to me. This means to me that I am truly grateful that my craft has been the vehicle for me to express my thoughts, emotions and inner-self.

Sparking Emotions

The key to finding something you love is all about sparking emotion.
Jewellery and fragrance are two very personal things. From buying a piece of jewellery and thoughtfully gifting it to a loved one to choosing your favourite scents to combine into a beautiful perfume, the process is fulfilling and joyful