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Achieving the Unthinkable

Joyce Carols has spent her life working tirelessly as an entrepreneur while caring for foster children. She uses her experience to empower and inspire companies to reach their potential.

The Bright Lady

Interview with Sandra Deakin (@brightspotsbysandra). Founder, inspirator, creator, author, presenter, transformational coach, member of ATL Europe (transformational leaders) Offering people “Brightspots” in their life has always been a passion for Sandra Deakin. From the age of 14 she was a radiopresenter. She has also created several radio and televisionshows in Belgium. She is known to be a pioneer in guiding her audience to a brighter way of living. Today she is still a freelance presenter at the national radio 2. Her Global online Telesummit “Celebrate Her” in which she interviewed inspiring women on how to live a more enlightened life reached 300.000 viewers. As a writer Sandra has created 2 lifestyleguides in which she selects the brightspots of her homecity “Antwerp”. She has interviewed more than 100 global transformers for several lifestylemagazines. Sandra guides people worldwide on how to live a brighter life in a happy body with uplifting thoughts. Download this free chapter of the new ATL Europe book “Get inspired to manifest your best life “ in which you can read Sandra ’s story of transformation.

Freedom Entrepreneurs

HOW TO THINK OF YOURSELF WITHOUT BEING SELFISH Jeanet Bathoorn is a 52-year-old business woman, mother of three, living in The Netherlands, who’s core value is freedom. She left her corporate job and started her own business as an entrepreneur.…

John Vanek

John Vanek- Musician & Songwriter Social Inclusion Bridge Builder Fundraiser Course Author Course Facilitator


What is that every woman must know about herself?

"The greatest source of emotional pain is the negative things you say to yourself " Asmau Ayub

Clarita’s Way

Award winning author, Clara Haia Sereb was norn in Lima, Peru and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She grew up in a beautiful natural environment, amidst the relics of a great, ancient civilisation. Clara is a pioneer in her field with several book titles under her belt