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Second Chances

It's the news we all fear, and it happened to Catherine Schopfer. After transforming her own life, Catherine Schopfer uses her experience to help others to change theirs.

Brilliant Businesswomen

Maggie Webber always knew she was different. Tired of making money for other people, she became an entrepreneur. Now a best selling author, Maggie helps other working mothers do the same.

Do you waltz?

Your Story is a karmic coin with two facets: your past and your Solution. Your Solution is not only what made you survive your Past and brought you this present moment, which is the gate into the Future, but also the answer to millions of people who are still looking for your Solution.

From Pain to Paint

How to bring back your life’s Sparkles
Victoria Sparkes is sharing her remarkable story with a selfless desire to inspire us to be creative and adventurous with our own colours, to help us bridge the distance between pain and paint, just as she did.

Inside The Realm of Thought

Credit must go to Elaine’s photographic talent. Behind Elaine’s camera lens is a creative genius which opens a certain kind of door that you never have entered before, a door to your own heart.
What better way to inspire a younger generation of women, our daughters and granddaughters, who, yes, are born to lead, to build their personal and professional success?! I hope you will enjoy this cocktail of self-awareness and profound social awakening of highly educated, creative women - an extraordinary wave of emotional intelligence.

Sherrelle- A Personal Touch

Makeup – Creative concept of Self Love Celebrating women in business and their unique talent brings amazing people along! We teamed up with Rich Vision at last month’s celebrations, to meet small business owners who are passionate about their work…