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How the power of persuasion goes way beyond mere advertising

Persuasion has become fundamental to shaping people’s view of what is attractive or unattractive, good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable. In essence, it has changed human interaction itself to the extent that consumption – rather than class, region, geography or occupation – has now become the primary form of self-identity and self-expression.

Mrs Hinch and Zoella: how internet influencers shot to literary stardom – with a very outdated view of women

She has a cockerspaniel called Henry and would rather sew than go out clubbing. Barely a year ago, she was an unknown hairdresser from Essex in the south-east of England. Now Mrs Hinch – aka Sophie Hinchliffe – is an internet sensation, famous for her super bubbly cleaning tips and her regular updates about her husband and imminent first child.