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There is a continual debate over what is more important, your spirituality or your business success. Most people we asked told us that "Spirituality is at the core of their business success" and few confirmed that "Spirituality is more important than business" or ‘Spirituality is my business"

Fabulous at fifty plus

Sovereign Magazine takes note of women and their achievements at any age and is putting together a Special edition this summer for Women Fabulous at 70 to celebrate the Divine Feminine, big numbers and the joy of being fabulous throughout an entire life.

Sherrelle- A Personal Touch

Makeup – Creative concept of Self Love Celebrating women in business and their unique talent brings amazing people along! We teamed up with Rich Vision at last month’s celebrations, to meet small business owners who are passionate about their work…

How to go global

If you want to go global, you have to think globally from the very beginning. Use a universal language In order to communicate globally you have to use a language that is understood all over the world. Whereas music is…

Realign Your Inner Peace

Who doesn’t know this situation…you feel uncomfortable, stressed and all of a sudden you react exactly like your mum or dad did. Even though you promised yourself to never ever be like that…. How did that happen?? Today we know…