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Sparking Emotions

The key to finding something you love is all about sparking emotion.
Jewellery and fragrance are two very personal things. From buying a piece of jewellery and thoughtfully gifting it to a loved one to choosing your favourite scents to combine into a beautiful perfume, the process is fulfilling and joyful

Thinking BIG

There is no limit to who you can reach, as long as you have a product or service that is irresistible to the market, because you solve a relevant problem for someone or ideally for the masses of 'someones'. What is needed to start a business is a good idea, a compelling story, a strategic mind, a determined spirit and access to coaches and experts to guide you on the right path.

You have to ask WHY?

Functional Medicine: A holistic approach to preventative health means doctors need to look at the patient and not the condition
If we could focus on the individual and identify their specific biological pathways that were imbalanced we could target treatment protocols more effectively instead of just treating the symptoms.

Fabulous at fifty plus

Sovereign Magazine takes note of women and their achievements at any age and is putting together a Special edition this summer for Women Fabulous at 70 to celebrate the Divine Feminine, big numbers and the joy of being fabulous throughout an entire life.