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Play to Win!

How business games and team work help you build a cohesive team.
The most effective teams in the world, don’t just ‘happen’. They are build by good leaders understanding that a cohesive team is worth so much more than the sum of its parts. Official reports bring a new light on psychology and neuroscience, and have at their centre the importance of Mental health and Wellbeing, and how colleagues’ emotional status determine the performance of a business.

Know Thyself

Self-awareness, a key cornerstone to business success and personal fulfilment

Self-awareness, a key cornerstone to business success and personal fulfilment Interview with Ellie Isacs, Inner Beauty Advocate and owner of Vivique Hair Lounge | by Dr Marina Nani The Ancient Greeks’ were the first to say “know thyself”, today we…

The Bright Lady

Interview with Sandra Deakin (@brightspotsbysandra). Founder, inspirator, creator, author, presenter, transformational coach, member of ATL Europe (transformational leaders) Offering people “Brightspots” in their life has always been a passion for Sandra Deakin. From the age of 14 she was a radiopresenter. She has also created several radio and televisionshows in Belgium. She is known to be a pioneer in guiding her audience to a brighter way of living. Today she is still a freelance presenter at the national radio 2. Her Global online Telesummit “Celebrate Her” in which she interviewed inspiring women on how to live a more enlightened life reached 300.000 viewers. As a writer Sandra has created 2 lifestyleguides in which she selects the brightspots of her homecity “Antwerp”. She has interviewed more than 100 global transformers for several lifestylemagazines. Sandra guides people worldwide on how to live a brighter life in a happy body with uplifting thoughts. Download this free chapter of the new ATL Europe book “Get inspired to manifest your best life “ in which you can read Sandra ’s story of transformation.