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Happy Index

Despite clear evidence that wellbeing's subjective measures are dependant on measurement of stress hormones and brain scans, subjective wellbeing to be the most more accurate reflection of how satisfied everyone is with life in general.

Why Giving Makes You Abundant

The challenges of being a female breadwinner are many: dealing with societies assumptions around gender roles, such as a woman’s place being in the home, or thinking that women only work to top up the household income, rather than be the breadwinner, or that women who focus on their career are selfish. Jenny Garrett

Mothering Sunday

At the Bloomsbury Ephemera Fair today you could see books, ephemera, maps, prints, posters, postcards, photographs but looking for unusual printed items related to Mother’s Day could bring a new perspective on Mother’s day. An old leaflet signed by C…

Realign Your Inner Peace

Who doesn’t know this situation…you feel uncomfortable, stressed and all of a sudden you react exactly like your mum or dad did. Even though you promised yourself to never ever be like that…. How did that happen?? Today we know…