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Fabulous at 70: Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée

Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, Elizabeth Ann Warren are names who are hijacking the headlines worldwide. America is leading with women who are as fabulous at 70 and decided to make a unequivocal mark after their 70th birthday: Maxine Waters, 80, the first woman to head the Financial Services Committee, Donna Shalala, 78, Glenn Close was 71 when she won a Golden Globe for best actress in January. And at home we have Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee

Thinking BIG

There is no limit to who you can reach, as long as you have a product or service that is irresistible to the market, because you solve a relevant problem for someone or ideally for the masses of 'someones'. What is needed to start a business is a good idea, a compelling story, a strategic mind, a determined spirit and access to coaches and experts to guide you on the right path.