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Mothers who code

stay at home mums could learn to code
The chances of finding fulfilling employment that allows Stay at Home Mums to balance their career goals and family commitments are slim. What does it take to redefine your professional orientation after giving birth?

Woman’s Power Redefined

‘You are never alone. It is very important that women support each other. Connect, stay in touch, help, listen, be kind, share your success story, ask for help if you experience difficulties. You can achieve your big dream as long as you have the courage to put your name on it!’- Ivana de Haan, the Netherlands

The Titans of Titanium Gardening Tools

‘We should never underestimate the power of women connecting and supporting each other at work, it is great to use this network to its highest potential. We experience the same obstacles and can learn from each other’s challenges and solution to make the most of opportunities at hand. I believe that having more women in leadership roles will help social progress and prosperity in the future.’ Wilma Peelen, Director of Sneeboer, The Netherlands


‘Having waiting lists of 6 weeks or even longer for a therapy session is inappropriate and therefore I have made it my mission to try and provide quality therapy and mental healthcare in an accessible form. I wanted to bring technology to the forefront of mental health care and therapy.’ Dr Julian Nesbitt, MBChB BSc MRCEM, CEO Dr Julian Medical Group Ltd, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur at NHS England