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Women Rock!

Denise Nickerson and Michelle Guiliano, founders of Women Rock Switzerland and the new columnists for Sovereign Magazine, First Class Coaches!
More women than ever now create their own working life, through entrepreneurship, innovation, collaboration, creating charity projects and NGOs, community building, and the arts. Working around traditional employment models offers tremendous freedom and accelerated learning; however, the entrepreneurial path can be really lonely! Denise Nickerson and Michelle Guiliano, who are based near Geneva, Switzerland, talked with us about how they have designed their own working lives.

The Room Wh​isperer

Shirley’s Girl is an interior design company with a twist; Anne is a Room Whisperer!!
Many people don’t realize, the subtle influence a room has on our subconscious, or they get used to it, like background noise that you only notice when the noise is gone! I have a sense of that energy in a room and I alter it by moving or changing objects around and working with colour, textiles or materials that help to enhance the positive feeling and create the right energy.