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5 Smart Tips For Tech Start-Ups

smart tips for tech start-ups

The UK has many structural advantages such as an investor community, excellent universities and an already thriving tech industry that supports tech start-ups. There is evident growth in the tech industry, with about 20,000 new tech businesses. However, a great…

Harmony In The Workplace: How It’s Done

Harmony in the workplace

Creating a harmonious work environment can be pretty challenging. There are multiple things which can stop you and your workforce from being at your most productive. Each industry differs of course, and beyond this each person will run their business…

Play to Win!

How business games and team work help you build a cohesive team.
The most effective teams in the world, don’t just ‘happen’. They are build by good leaders understanding that a cohesive team is worth so much more than the sum of its parts. Official reports bring a new light on psychology and neuroscience, and have at their centre the importance of Mental health and Wellbeing, and how colleagues’ emotional status determine the performance of a business.