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Emotionally Attached

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Nancy and Nikoletta were always going to take over the family business. Now they run the business together, and share their story with us in this exclusive interview.

Achieving the Unthinkable

Joyce Carols has spent her life working tirelessly as an entrepreneur while caring for foster children. She uses her experience to empower and inspire companies to reach their potential.

The Perfect Package

Evelyn Okpanachi is an entrepreneur and founder of the Perfect Package Company. Evelyn also works with several organisations promoting women in business and fighting poverty. We spoke to Evelyn about what inspires and motivates her.

Inside The Realm of Thought

Credit must go to Elaine’s photographic talent. Behind Elaine’s camera lens is a creative genius which opens a certain kind of door that you never have entered before, a door to your own heart.
What better way to inspire a younger generation of women, our daughters and granddaughters, who, yes, are born to lead, to build their personal and professional success?! I hope you will enjoy this cocktail of self-awareness and profound social awakening of highly educated, creative women - an extraordinary wave of emotional intelligence.